Traditional and Natural Health Care

Ageless Health and Wellness

      Providing optimal wellness through a balanced approach of Eastern Healing and Western Medicine.  


Orthomolecular Practitioners

At Ageless Health and Wellness we are at the forefront of medical technologies that help you be well.  We understand disease at its most basic level, and use a variety of methods to discover your optimal health requirements.

Journey to Wellness

... is finding the root cause

The balance of Western Medicine and Eastern Healing begins with paying attention to your mind and body's symptoms. We provide essential tools for you to make decisions about your lifestyle through clinical, spiritual, biological, mental and emotional assessments. Ageless Health and Wellness' goal is to provide guidance and therapy for your unique journey.

Symptoms may include:

Acid reflux  |  Asthma  |  Allergies  |  Skin Problems  |  Weight Loss/gain  |  Chronic Pain

Stress and Anxiety   |  High Cholesterol  |  Diabetes  |  Cancer  |  Autoimmune Disorders 

Nutritional Imbalances  |  Fatigue

Careful and expert observation helping patients discover how to take back their health and make the best lifestyle choices.


Health Check

Comprehensive Health Assessment - Zyto


Traditional and Natural Wellness Coaching

              individualized planning

Experienced and caring, our highly trained healthcare team brings effective treatment for success with many issues.

Therapy & Treatment

Manage Your Health

Homeopathic Therapies


Perception Reframing Techniques and Therapies - Evox


Pulse Electro-magnetic Therapy

  improve bone fractures, wound healing,                 pain management, tissue swelling &                 depression.

Tri-Phasic (TPR)

pain management, circulation and                 cellular improvement

IV Infusion Therapy

instilling vitamins, minerals, alkalizing                 agents and detoxifying agents into the                 bloodstream

For professional healthcare providers and individuals with special interest. Learning programs for all levels.


Professional Development & Training

MELT Training

connective tissue/ Myofascial Energetic                 Length Technique - Patient Classes

Firstline Therapy (FLT)


IV Infusion

Practical Theory 

Medical Cannabis

Professionals and non-medical                 professional education

Zyto Technology

Professional Technical Training

Food is Thy Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

-  Hippocrates 

In the 5th Century B.C. the father of Western medicine recognized the value of eating well and the potential of certain foods for good health.

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hand on Zyto hand cradle

Zyto:  Comprehensive health assessment scientific feedback for reaching your health goals using galvanic response measurements from the comfort of your own home.

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